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A Letter
From Our Founder

The Power of Motherhood.

I believe the most powerful for systemic and social change is motherhood. The physical and emotional well-being of a child begins in the womb.  An infant's development during its first formative years is key to 

In addition to the need to avoid diaper stretching and health conditions such as diaper dermatitis, the amount of diapers in a home plays a pivotal role in mothers getting back to work. Most day care centers will not accept a child without also receiving an adequate diaper supply. That means a mother’s earning capacity or ability to complete her education can be limited based on her supply. Diaper insufficiency can also ignite feelings of maternal inadequacy, aggravate post-partum depression, and create environments for potential abuse.. 

They really do make a difference.  

With rising inflation and the challenges of birthing a child during the pandemic, Expecting and new mothers experiencing great difficulty trying to navigate their mental, maternal, and financial stability. By supporting a reliable source for relief and recovery like ilooklikeLOVE, you make wrap-around services available to moms who need them most. You give them hope and the capacity to be sustainable for the long term.

We love what we do, but it can only continue with your help. So, give. Donate. Share. Help us make an impact that will benefit generations to come.  Help moms take care of home. 

Thank you, community, for your support. You look like LOVE to me.


Phillipa Williams, ilooklikeLOVE Executive Director





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